2nd September 2015

Where to Buy Printed Pillow Cases eyelash pillow cases

Hello Everyone! I love home décor as much as I love makeup, and that’s a lot haha. Recently I was on the search for some unique and quirky printed pillow cases. I love different pillow cases because it’s a great way to change your room or add some personality. I originally wanted some eyelash pillow cases and that’s when I found Pillow Talk by Pink Top on Etsy. I fell inlove with everything they sold! THe first eyelash pillow cases I found online were around $90 and that’s just to expensive for me. For a pair of pillow cases from pillow talk by pink top start from $30 USD (around $43 AUD) some are $35 USD (around $51 AUD). The designs are just beautiful! The first design I purchased were these Pink LIps Pillow cases, very fitting for a lipstick lover I thought. These were $35 USD and around $15.40 USD for shipping to Australia. These pillow cases are really beautiful quality. The Fabric is 100% cotton and 300 Thread count, basically its thick and soft and luxurious.

Pink Lip Lips Pillow cases printed pillow cases from pillow talk by pink top

LOOK AT THEM!!!! how cute are these!!! I love how versatile these are, If you don’t want so much colour in your room these would be perfect for little ones or teenagers, Here this pillow case is in my babies cot

cool printed lip pillow cases

Now the eyelash Pillow cases! Arg they are so cute! I have Blue you can also get a turquoise green colour or other option with the one eye open and one closed.

Eyelash pillow case donut pillow case pillow talk by pink top sack me

Or here with the Lip Pillow case and a cool Balloon Bed spread by Sack ME!

eyelash pillow case kids bedding cool bedding printed pillow cases

And Now check out these “yeeesssss” Pillow cases 😀

printed pillow cases text pillow cases

They also have “xoxo” pillowcases, “zzzzzz” “mmmmmm” “Pleeeaasse”and more quirky unique and cool pillow cases that you WILL NOT find anywhere!

queen and king pillow cases printed pillow case

You MUST check out PILLOW TALK BY PINK TOP check out there ETSY Store HERE

I love to support small business, Pillow Talk By Pink top is a Husband and wife team and they also have amazing customer service!

Let me know if you check them out and what pillow cases you choose!!

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