24th April 2015

Hi guys! So most of you are reading this because you know I did some little room makeovers for my friends Children.

If you didn’t no, basically (and briefly) One of my close friends has recently suffered a massive loss in her family after a long heart breaking Journey. I wanted to help and well over 60 businesses on instagram sent gifts and gorgeous stuff to do up the kids rooms! (The power of instagram!!)

Yesterday with the help of my dad, my man and my gorgeous friend we went and got it done! Luckily their Mum had already chosen really nice colours on their walls, which made adding all the things look just that much more awesome!

We had two cars absolutely packed with the goodies I had been sent for these 4 lovely little kids!

*Please keep in mind we had a few hours to do this before the kids got home from school, I had a crying teething baby and two toddlers running around, one which kept doing a nudie run and the other wearing a super man cape (you know how that is haha) Our main goal was getting these rooms as perfect as we could for the kids. I did take photos but there is some areas I forgot/ran out of time to get pics of. If you don’t see your gift in a picture don’t stress it is there and it is appreciated just as much. With all of that being said, Enjoy the pictures ūüôā



This is Little Mr 3’s Room!
– The Lightening Bolt cushion cover is from¬†Klea Baby¬†–¬†Paper Storage Sack from¬†Pretty Tidy¬† – ¬†Crochet puppy from¬†Ladedah Kids¬† – Lion Pillow Case from¬†Burrow and Be¬†– Yellow spotted pillow case from¬†I Love Linen¬†– Mini Super Hero Hanging from¬†Arlo and Co¬†– Lightening Bolt wall decals from¬†Wall Effect¬†– Lightening Bolt cushions from¬†Xander Lou Kids¬†– Personalised Pillow case from¬†Project T Bear¬†–¬†Felt shape garland from¬†Kaimalia Designs¬†– Bat Mask Cushion from¬†Like The Cool Kids¬†and Custom Snuggly Chevron blanket from¬†Little H Shop

We are pretty sure he is going to hang one of his many hats on that Lightening Bolt wall hook, which was sent all the way from england!


Brave Print from Moore Creative РSupper Hero is my middle name print from White Forest Home РPersonalised Print from Toucan wall hook was sent from Crafted Pine Co

This area was one that I forgot to take enough Pictures of, Little Miss 12 took this picture on her dads camera, I think She did a really god job


The Rockstar print is from¬†Silent Little Whispers¬†– Rainbow wooden stacker from¬†Toys To Inspire¬†– Personalised Name Canvas from¬†The Name Hub¬†– Batman wall stickers from¬†Vivid Wall Decals¬†– you can barely see it unfortunately but the hanging plug in light is from¬†Cheeky Ruebens¬†they actually sent 4 amazing lights and the cool cages that go around them and I failed to get a good pic ūüôĀ – Crochet toy from¬†Ladedah Kids

This is a cute area at the end of little Mr 3’s Bed!


Wooden Laser cut print and perspex animals from Jax and Mase РOne of a Kind print from Moore Creative РBrave Little Bear Print from One Tiny Tribe РSchliec toys from Toy To Inspire РPersonalised name blocks from Peachy Baby

Little Miss 5s Room!!


РHexagon Wooden wall shelves and wooden houses from The Timba Trend РUnicorn wall hook from The Wall Collective Рbeautiful Necklace from Love_a_and_b РDrop wooden decor from Lil Miss Mable РLittle Dreamer Dream catcher from Arlo And Co РYou Light Up my world Print from White Forest Home РFairy Toy from Toys to Inspire

Miss 5’s Amazing wall!


I really loved how this wall turned out! Little Miss asked her mum if her fairy god mother did it!! SO CUTE!!

РWall Decals from Wall Effect РMint green hassle from Spoonful Design


And Yes that’s a Justin Beiber bed spread, hehe love it The gorgeous throw rug/cot blanket is from¬†Coco and Cru¬†– Bunny Cushion from¬†Like The Cool Kids¬†and Paper storage sack from¬†Pretty Tid

P 1

Some new cozy soft friends and throw rug ūüôā

Swan cushion and spotted pillow case is from Needle And I РPersonalised Pillow case from Project T Bear РLittle Doll from Raggedy Eve

I was really stressed about this room, This is Mr 10’s room. I love how it all came together and I hear he’s really happy in there too!


Wall Decals from Vivid Wall Decals РTassel from Spoonful Design РBanner from Bek Halliday Art РTriangle felt garland from Kaimalia Designs РGo your own way print from One Tiny Tribe РPersonalised print from Toucan РLarge Print from White Forest Home РJamie Kay Geometric Blanket from Jamie Kay РCrochet shark from Ladedah Kids РTeepee Cushion from Like The Cool Kids РSleep Play pillow from Burrow and Be РPersonalised Pillow case from Project T bear


Prints on his picture Ledge!

the Arrow wall hook and decal is from The wall collective and the laser cut banner is from Arlo And Co


It was so important for me to find this Guy a Marquee Light! and it looks great in his room!¬†Now please excuse my pillow styling we spent ages like “how do we make them look nice!!! Marquee Letter Light is from¬†Mini Marquee Lighting¬†– Cactus cushion from¬†My Little Echo

Big Sisters Room! And Again yes that’s a One Direction Bed Spread But I get it, at 12 I would have been SO happy with a Backstreet Boys bed set haha!


РTassels from DD Brand РThrow blanket from Coco And Cru РBow Cushion from Tiari and Co РPaper Storage bag from Pretty Tidy РHorse Pillow Case from Burrow and Be РKnot cushion from My Little Echo РCherry Cushion from Paper Ink Prints РHeart Pillow case from Klea Baby

The Picture Ledge! so many beautiful prints were sent!!


Wall Decals from Vivid Wall Decals РName Banner from Little Miss Az РTassels from Spoonful Design РLove you to Infinity and beyond print from One Tiny Tribe РShine Bright Print from Silent Little Whispers РMermaid Print from Surf Monkey РDream Print from Senna Jean

And Above Little Miss 12’s bed.


Sweet dream are made of you print from White Forest Home  РAlways be you print from Surf Monkey РTassels from DD Brand

Again Thank You All for the amazing support and love shown by you all to make this possible. Without the generosity from all of the businesses big and small, I could NEVER have done this for these kids. I am so grateful for trust placed in me with. You all really brightened up these little kids worlds today, am I’m forever grateful, as are their parents xxxx

A little extra food for thought, when someone is going through a tough time HELP THEM. So many of us don’t no what to say or do so we do nothing. Something as small as dropping of a loaf of bread and some milk can be so helpful. When you don’t no what to say so you say nothing, it makes that person feel like what ever is¬†going on is being dismissed. Just a simple “we are thinking of you” or even a smile goes along way. HELP EACH OTHER. So many people are left to suffer alone and just keep going like everything is ok. If someone you no is going through a hard time whether it be financially, emotionally or dealing with a hugely traumatic event in their life “Let me no if I can help” Isn’t usually enough, just help, Do anything.

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  • Oh my goodness. These rooms are so bright and beautiful. Perfect for daily inspiration for children. You did amazing & wonderful work!

    • Sorren Young Mum Stufff

      Oh thankyou Narsha for your kind words they so deserved it xxx