24th April 2015

I love everything! but there’s some things that I’ve loved for a long time or things that are new favourite that I want to share!!

cheeky ruebens favourites

CHEEKY REUBENS  These are from the ‘bare bones” range and are $35 mine are the copper colour but there’s many more to choose from even concrete and marble styles! I love these because the plug-in and there’s an on off switch they are just so easy to use! I have mine hanging from an “ekby” bracket that I spray painted white, it was about $4!

vessel favourites

VESSEL AND VINE these are the mini marbled planters for just $10 each. There are different colours and sizes to choose from. These feel so luxurious. The little succulents in them are just from Bunnings for around $5.95

tassles favourites

*These are paper tassel garlands made by a wonderful lady called Hannah from DD BRAND These are a new style 1m drop garland. you can pretty much get any combo you like and choose from different lengths! My prints are from TOUCAN my absolute favourite place for Prints!!


COCO AND CRU these beautiful blankets are from Coco and Cru. Theres heaps of different sizes and colours. So worth checking out, they are a perfect cot size or for a throw blanket. I got mine during a sale, yaaaay! As shown in the picture I also love washable paper storage bags to keep plants in. This one is the brand General Eclectic! I got mine from BEAU MONDE BABE The Plant is one of my favourite indoor plats, a peace lily!

concrete diamonds favourites

RAW LUXE Concrete diamonds are so HOT RIGHT NOW haha but really I tried to make them and failed. In my Instagram pictures they looked ok but up close they are TRAGIC. These are so beautiful!! they are perfectly made but still have that concrete industrial sort of thing going on. These are just $12 each and there’s many colours to choose from!!


OH EIGHT OH NINE If your on instagram you need to follow Tarina @oh.eight.oh.nine she has AMAZING styling and now she’s started her own online store selling the prints she creates! I got this one and it was just $15 definitely keep an eye out as I’m sure Tarina will keep adding more beautiful prints!! The Marble look canister is from LISA T FOR TARGET for $22

urban road favourites

*TOUCAN My fav place for prints! starting at $15 and they go up to a A1 size which is massive!! I’m also a huge fan of URBAN ROAD canvases!! we have 2, I’ve had my eye on the “Little Hartley” forever!!! The tassels are from WITH LOVE DECOR for Just $20 love a bargain!!

unicorn favourites

ASOS this unicorn jewellery dish IS MY FAV THING it was like $19.95 and it’s just cute to store or display jewellery on 🙂 LOVISA jewellery is back in my favourites to! I don’t get to go shopping really unless it’s for food or online. About a month ago I got to run into Lovisa and there is just EVERYTHING anyone could want! I love that I caters to so many different styles!!

kmart shelf favourites

KMART is ALL OVER IT lately. They just keep getting better and better!! Anything you want kmart probably has it! their homewares have been so awesome for the last 6 months I’m always so excited to go there haha! this wooden triangle shelf was just $9. if you’re wanting to do up your house on a budget definitely go in and check it out and lay-by a couple of things!!

Mini Marquee Light 1

*MINI MARQUEE I love this online store! there are so many different Marquee lights to choose from! shapes and letters. Also a huge bonus the lady who runs the store is Lovely!!

rainbow rose favourites

Lastly if you follow me on INSTAGRAM you will no I was obsessed with this rose! It’s a fresh real alive rose that I found at my farmers market for $5 so dam pretty!! I have no idea how they make them rainbow, either way it was obsessed!!

Part two of my favourites will be up in a few days! it’s all about my favourite makeup at the moment!

take care xx

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  • Thanks so much for featuring me in this amazing blog post gorgeous. Love it! Well done xxx

    • Sorren Young Mum Stufff

      Your so welcome! Your so very talented and I think everyone should no about it xxx thankyou 🙂

  • Yay I love that you’re blogging! I’ve been looking at that unicorn ring holder thing on asos for ages.. I regret not buying it now :'( they’re probably all sold out by now.
    I love this blog post idea too.. I might have to copy you 😉 xx

    • Sorren Young Mum Stufff

      Thankyou haha go for it! Omg When i posted this it was still available but i checked last night and its sold out D: boooo! Xxxx

  • Love the mini marbled planters, they’re gorgeous! And that unicorn jewellery dish is so unique. Loved seeing your faves! xxx
    Daniela |

    • Sorren Young Mum Stufff

      They are so cute hey! Thankyou for reading lovely! That unicorn dish is so cool hey xxxx

  • Gorgeous photos as always Sorren! Love the blogs…xxx

    • Sorren Young Mum Stufff

      Oh thankyou So much Veronica xxx