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5th June 2016

Dyson kinetic big ball animal pro

Firstly this is a different sort of review for me, a vacuum cleaner! Your used to seeing me review lipsticks or decor but today its a vacuum. This isn’t a standard product review. This is a review from a mum of 5. Vacuuming is something most of us do every day for me I do it twice a day. If you have a vacuum that doesn’t work properly, tips over every time you pull it along, doesn’t suck properly and has attachments that fall off constantly then you know how frustrating it can be. I wanted to let you know about the new *DYSON CINETIC BIG BALL vacuum. I thought it was also a good time to review a vacuum as its nearly tax time, and I can’t tell you how many tax returns have been spent on vacuums that don’t work properly. So here is one that does.

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2nd May 2016

mothers day 2016 gift guide
mothers day gift guide 2016

Hello! I didn’t think I would be doing a mother’s day gift guide this year as im dreading mothers day. I lost my mum in an accident a few months ago so the thought of mothers day just fills me with pain and dread. But that’s why I’m doing a gift guide, I want to make sure you spoil your mum like I used to. I have a range of things for different budgets. As you know I am a beauty blogger so most things fall under that category. Something I noticed with my mum and her friends over the last few years was they would never spend a lot of money on them selves and they didn’t venture to far out of what they had used for years. My mum loved to find the best skin care and the best bargains but she would never have spent more than $15 to buy her self a nice lipstick, she didn’t see the point but at the same time if I ever gave her something like that she absolutely loved it. So times like mothers day are the best to buy mum those things she wouldn’t get her self! keep reading all links will be included we’ve got 6 days till mothers day so if your shopping online BE QUICK!!!

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